Stable Day


Stable Day (定 Ding) The energy of this day is very stable, it is a positive day, that signifies the duration and constancy of everything that is started on this day. It is suitable for starting long-term projects or for events from which you want a lasting effect.

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How to calculate Stable days in the Chinese calendar? This is a day whose Earthly branch (an animal from the cycle of 12 animals of the Chinese calendar) is four steps ahead of the Earthly branch of the month, for example, in the month of the Rabbit, the Stable Days will be all the days of the Goat 未. Since the Goat and Rabbit (and all branches three steps apart) are “friends”, forming part of a “combination of three”, this gives the Stable Day more harmony and peace. It is quite difficult to calculate these days on your own, since without the Chinese calendar it is impossible to determine the day of the Goat or other animal. But you can use our Feng Shui Fortune Calendar,which shows indicators for any day.

Stable Day is very favorable for making transactions, starting a business, and meeting friends. The day is suitable for getting a permanent job, starting a business, starting construction work, concluding long-term agreements with partners, and hiring valuable employees. This day is good for buying a pet, conceiving a child, for seeking medical help and for medical procedures (the effect of treatment will be stable and long-lasting). When it comes to starting work on a project or taking on a new position, Stability Day should only be chosen if you want to be involved in this business for a long time or remain in this position. After all, such a day implies that something will last for a long time, and in our age people do not like to be tied to one job or position. If you want to quickly complete a task and complete a project, or do not intend to stay in this position for the rest of your life, do not start a job or project on Stable Day!

день стабильность китайский календарь

Stable Day is very suitable for marriage, if you want it to last “till death do you part”! Also, on this day it is good to complete something forever.

This is a good day for housewarming, but not for moving to a new home, because few people want moving to become a “good tradition.” Following the same logic, we prefer not to travel on Stable Day, since this may mean constant movement. Of course, this may be suitable for those who like to travel constantly. The day is also not suitable for getting a loan, since it will take a long time to pay off. For obvious reasons, it is not advisable to organize a funeral on this day.

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The Stable Day, on which the system is determined with further development, is followed by the  Control Day, when it is necessary to keep the direction of movement (one of the translation options for Zhi is retention), because the accepted direction has not yet been fixed.

Below is the designation of the 12 Day Indicators in Tong Shu, a traditional Chinese almanac.

“The Heavenly Emperor has put everything in its place. Repentance and remembrance, prayers of thanks, weddings, change of place of residence, construction and improvement of a home - to happiness. Hiring for work, buying oxen and horses is fortunate. Litigation and proceedings, travel - unfortunately. Five types of grains are now in abundance for everyone. You can cut, plant, organize weddings, harness oxen and horses, dig the ground, open wells. However, please refrain from bringing charges and prosecuting those responsible.”