Questions and Answers

Using of the Luck Calendar

Why did the same cases appear simultaneously in the sections: "What will bring good luck today" and "It is not recommended today"?

Our "Chinese Good Luck Calendar " allows you to select things from a list of about 150 businesses, and if we had all of them displayed on the main page, we would have to show a very long list. Therefore, we have grouped specific cases into groups. For example, the "Marriage, family" group includes both Wedding and Engagement, and Matchmaking and Marriage. On some of the days, it may turn out that the Matchmaking on this day is favorable, but, for example, the Wedding is not. In this case, the "Marriage, family " group will appear on both lists of recommended and not recommended cases. In order to see specific recommendations for this day, you need to hover over the group, for example: "Marriage, family " and you will see specific favorable or not cases for that day in the pop-up window.

What if you have to wait very long for a favorable day?

Unfortunately, there are not so many good days for any business, sometimes you really have to wait weeks or even months for an auspicious day. In this case, you can select for your business not the most favorable day plus a favorable hour on this day. So, a good hour on a not the best day is better than a bad day and a bad hour.

Do I understand correctly that for success in my business, one has to select a good day and a good hour in this day?

This is both correct, and not entirely correct. Ideally, yes, the best effect you will get is if the day and the hour, both are good for your business. But it can happen, there is no good hour on a good day. In this case, you can just use the day, but not the hour. Although the effect will be weaker. Conversely, if the day is not very good, then try to select the best hour, this will bring some luck into your business.

How do I find the right day if my event is going to last for several days?

In this case, you need to select a day to start the event. For example, if this is an exhibition, you should pick a good day for the official opening. It's the same with other things, be it renovation, construction, travel... To attract success to the whole event, you need to start it on a good day, and ideally, at a good hour.

I found an auspicious day for parting with people, but this day there is no hour good for this. What should I do?

The fact is that hours are not associated with days; the favorable days and hours for each case are determined separately. It means, there may be a good day for parting with people, but there will not be a specific hour favorable for this particular thing. Or vice versa, you can find a good hour to part, but you will not find it in the day. In this case, you have three options: 1. You can choose a favorable day, but do not choose an hour. 2. You can choose an hour that is good for such an action, for example, parting, and don’t select a day. 3. Or, you can simply choose some generally favorable hour, in which it is recommended to do many different things. It will bring success in any of your endeavors..

What is better, a day with +2 rating, without good hour, or a day with +1 rating, with good hour for this case?

Here you have a choice. In general, the most important thing is a day, and the hour gives only additional "bonuses". Therefore, for the success of the case, we select firstly the day first, and secondly the hour. However, if there is a “not too good” day with +1 rating, together with good and convenient hour for us, we can also use it.

Using of the Personal Luck Calendar

I paid for Personal Calendar subscription, but I do not see the difference in recommendations with a regular, common calendar, how can I enable a personal calendar?

In order to see things that will bring good luck to you personally, you need to select your name from "gray circle" drop-down menu at the top of the page, left from your location. If, instead of a gray circle, you see a yellow circle with your name or initials on it, that means, your personal calendar is already displayed.

I do not know my birth time. How accurate will be the calculation in this case?

If you don’t know your birth time, just enter your birthday, month and year, no birth time. Even without entering the time of birth, the calculation of favorable dates will be correct in 99% of cases, because the emphasis is almost always on the birthday...

I’ve paid for access to a personal calendar, but I still see general data, why it is so?

If the payment went through, most likely you are not authorized on the website. You need to enter your username (this is your e-mail usually) and the password that came to your e-mail (if you do not find it in the inbox, please check the "spam" folder). If you are logged in, but you still see general data, there is a gray circle in the upper right part of the screen, to the left of your location. Click on it and select the name you entered when creating your bazi chart to display your Personal Calendar.

Should the day of buying a house be favorable for the one for one the house is being registered or should I select a day that is good for both husband and wife?

If you are buying property for a family, then, of course, you should first of all take into account the favorable date on the Personal calendar for a person who signs an agreement and for whom the property is being registered. If the property is registered for two, then the best is, if the date is good for both. On the other hand, in many cases, property acquired in a marriage automatically becomes the property of both, and in case of a divorce, each of them gets half of it. If you consider this it is useful to choose a date favorable for both spouses.

Is it possible to trust Personal Good Luck Calendar to select the day of operation? How accurate is the calendar information in selecting a date?

Yes, you can rely on the calendar to select a day for the operation. BUT! There is another question seem to be hidden in your question: "Will the operation be super-successful if I pick a good day?" Here it is necessary to say the following: neither this calendar, nor the best fortune teller can guarantee you that the operation will be successful and there will be no further problems... Selecting a day gives you just a certain increase in luck in your planned action, which allows you to add good Qi to your event. As practice shows, there will be less problems during good day than on a bad one. But success depends on many factors. From the disease itself, how neglected it is, state of the organs, your health, age, from the hospital, doctor, your own luck in this period and year. From your own preparations for the operation, including your inner attitude and from many other things ... Therefore, yes, you can select the day for the operation in our Chinese Luck Calendar (using, of course, the Personal Calendar), you can contact the specialists and double-check the selected day if you are very worried ... But at the end of the day, you decide and you are responsible for the decision you took...

What do certain businesses in the calendar include?

Public speech

A "Public speech" that you see on the Good or Bad Cases list means any event where you need to speak or perform to an audience. It can be a lecture, a music concert, a lesson, a speech at a meeting, in front of the hall. It can also be a speech in front of your colleagues at a business meeting and similar things. A day favorable for public speaking will help you to be more convincing, vivid, memorable, in addition, will make the audience friendlier to you. It will help to achieve the goals that you set for yourself.

Dismissal from work

Dismissal from work means two things: first, it is good to select the day for writing the letter of resignation and second, the day for dismissal itself. If this does not work, then the beginning of the action, that is, writing a letter of resignation is more important, since this action starts the whole process.

Beginning of the journey

"Beginning of the journey" means the day when you leave home and go out of town, to another city, or just start moving around the city. It is useful to choose a favorable time to start your trip whenever you want your way to be easier, without any problem. If you are traveling by train or plane, you can get tickets for an auspicious day. If you are going to drive a car, then just plan the time of departure. In addition to an auspicious day, you can select a double hour favorable to start your trip. It is better, if possible, it is good to buy a ticket within good hour, then try to leave the house at a favorable or at least neutral hour.

Public event opening

"Opening of a public event" means that this day or hour is suitable for the start of any public event, be it a Meeting, Exhibition, Conference or any other where you have invited many guests. The right day will help you to start and hold the event successfully. On top of this, it will help to gather more guests and get maximum success from the event. Your event can start on a selected date and last for several days then. The most important is the moment when you hold a grand (or not so) opening.

Fixing things in the house

“Fixing things in the house” refers to the usual household chores. It's good to dedicate your time to those things on bad days. Since some dates are not suitable for important matters, these days you can only sit at home, clean up the rubble, fix broken things and do other routine work. We try not to waste time on good, successful days for such unimportant matters. Therefore, “Fixing things at home” does not apply, for example, to carrying things to a repair shop. After all, you will have to communicate there with the receptionist or the specialist, and on a bad day this can lead to a conflict...

Analysis of old rubble

"Analysis of old rubble" means that we devote our day to calmly deal with old things that we have put off for a long time. It can be household or work chores that have been waiting for a long time to be completed, collected papers, documents, e-mails, or thousands of accumulated photos in a computer that needed to be sorted long time ago. That is anything our hands have not reached for some time. Usually we devote to such routine matters days, which are not suitable for important constructive matters...

Admission to school, kindergarten

"Admission to school, kindergarten" means, first of all, registration for admission, the day you apply for it. It is also good that this day would be auspicious for: "Appeal to the state bodies, tax inspection" too. If we use Personal Calendar, we should take into account the child himself and select dates that are favorable for him, not for the parents. For the very beginning of training, it is useful to select a day favorable for: "Starting of classes". If you can select the day for the beginning of the child's classes, this will help your child to adapt easier to the team, show better academic success.

Starting of classes

You should select a favorable day for Starting of classes if you conduct classes yourself, start a course, seminar or webinar. Having the right day, especially following your Personal Good Luck Calendar, will help you to recruit participants faster and easier. The day you start classes will go smoother, and your students will be happier with you and your course.


Why is the funeral question included in the calendar? After all, there is nothing to be done about it ... The fact is that in the Chinese tradition it is believed that a correctly chosen place for a grave, a properly arranged grave (its Feng Shui) and, of course, a correctly selected time for burial will ensure success and luck to five (!!!) following generations of descendants. Imagine how important this is for Chinese! Therefore, in many Feng Shui and selection of dates texts, much is said about how to find this place, how to build a grave, how to choose a time ... Although in our culture, funerals usually take place 3-4 days after a person’s death and very little is possible change here, still we decided not to remove this item in tribute to the Chinese tradition, as our calendar was built on the basis of its techniques.

Applying for a loan, investment

When we select the day and hour for applying for a loan or investment, we primarily mean submitting documents for a loan or contacting someone for investment in the expectation that we will receive approval for the amount we need and at good interest or conditions. This can be a preliminary appeal, for example, through the bank’s website, or a personal submission of paper documents. Of course, a good date is unlikely to provide a miracle if all of a sudden the documents are not in order ... But if it is in order, the right day and hour will help you get a loan or investment and better conditions. But in addition to submitting documents for approval, there is also the signing of a loan / investment agreement. Here it’s already worth choosing another day, for thisб please, choose: “contracts, transactions / signing of contracts and agreements”.

Opening a bank account

"Opening a bank account" means the opening of a private account or deposit or your company account in a bank. If we choose a favorable day for opening an account or placing a deposit, we will not only avoid possible problems, but can even get better conditions for placing funds. In the future, an account opened on a good day and hour is more likely to never be empty! The moment of opening a bank account is the day and hour when you fill out documents at the bank or on the bank's website. To replenish an existing account or deposit, select the case "Placing money in a bank."

Placing money in a bank

“Placing money in a bank” means the replenishment of both, new and existing account, deposit or other placement of money for safe or long-term preservation. It can be an investment in reliable bonds, but not short-term investments into shares of risky companies. Select "Investment" for the last action. Unlike "Opening a bank account", here we do not just fill out documents for opening an account, but we certainly deposit funds to it.

Moving to a new house

We select a good date to move our house, so that such a big event as the transportation of things, entering into a new house will be successful and without problems. But not only the process of moving in is important. By moving our belongings to a new house/apartment, we bring our Human Qi energy in. Of course, we want our Qi to harmoniously connect with the Earthly and Heavenly Qi already enclosed in the house, so we select a good day and hour for moving. Although many, when transporting things, immediately stay to spend the night in a new house, moving in should not be necessary understood as housewarming. Housewarming is rather a formal event, when you cook food, invite guests, celebrate the entering into a new house.


Housewarming is one of the most important events to select a good date, and preferably an hour. After all, it is housewarming day that determines in many ways our wellbeing in a new place. We select a good day and hour to "start" the vital energy in a new house. Although many, after transporting things, remain to spend that night in new house, housewarming should not be confused with moving. Moving is primarily the transportation of things, and housewarming is when you decide to stay in a new place, prepare food and go to bed, as well as formal housewarming events like inviting guests, celebrating start of new life in a new house. Even if you do not invite guests and celebrate a housewarming along or with your family, select a good day and hour, prepare a treat, invite all invisible creatures, invite them to become friends and make wishes so that success and good luck will accompany you all in a new place.

General questions about choosing a date

What is most important for selecting a date: the characteristics of the day (destruction, establishment, balance, etc.) or the usefulness/unusefulness of the day elements for a particular person?

Everything is important. I'll ask you a counter question: what is the most important ingredient to cook good soup? Is it water? Meat? Vegetables? Fire? Pot? Recipe? Cook? Spices? Time to cook? In practical terms, when choosing a date, we try to take into account as many advantages as possible and avoid as many disadvantages as possible. Of course, we also rely on common sense and take into account our situation. For example, if we have to wait six months for a great day, and a “simply good” day will comes in a week, then it is quite possible that for some not very important matter we will choose “simply good” day, and we can postpone the wedding until the “best day” comes.

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The questions are answered by Feng Shui Master Anatoly Sokolov.