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We are pleased to present you the project “Chinese Fortune Calendar” (fourpillars.pro), based on two Chinese classical metaphysical techniques: Zeri Xue (擇日學) Choosing of Auspicious Dates and Bazi (八字) Analysis of Fate. These techniques allow you to make a general and personal choice of an auspicious day and hour in order to attract good luck for successful solution of your tasks at hand.

Being engaged in Chinese metaphysics for over 20 years, I saw that the technique of choosing favourable dates and hours for a particular task is not only very effective, but also very popular in the modern world. At the same time, selection of successful dates in manual way is a very laborious process, since day after day you have to search through the dates, discarding those with negative factors and finding days with positive influences.

As a result of understanding these difficulties, an idea emerged, and was embodied in the project “Chinese Calendar of Luck”. In the “Calendar of Luck,” Chinese techniques of date selection and fate analysis (Zeri Xue and Bazi) and modern programming capabilities are successfully connected, which greatly facilitates the search for results. When creating a project, I used all the knowledge gained from classical and modern sources. First and foremost, of course, this is the knowledge I have received from my teachers in Chinese metaphysics, such as Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai, Grand Master Raymond Law, Master Mimi Moorhouse, Master Derek Walters, Master Stephen Skinner, Dr. Manfred Kubni, and others whom I am immensely thankful. At the same time, I want to express my gratitude to my numerous students who helped me over the years, asking endless questions, answering which, I myself penetrated the subject more deeply. Special thanks to the team of programmers and designers who succeeded in “wrapping” the ancient Chinese knowledge in a user-friendly form.

Anatoly Sokolov, project owner.

About the project:

About the Chinese technique of choosing dates Zeri Xue:

Along with Feng Shui, Bazi and I Ching, the technique of choosing auspicious dates Zeri Xue is one of traditional Chinese practices. According to some researchers, the first traces of the date selection technique go back to 2250 BC. It is believed that it was then that the best astrologers and the wiser heads of China, at the direction of the legendary Emperor Yao, compiled the first Tun-shu almanac. Records of those times tell us that in developing the military and national strategies, as well as in Taoist alchemical techniques and in agrarian sector of the economy, Zeri Xue techniques were used comprehensively. This art is based on ideas of the ancient Chinese about the universe structure, as a cyclical and rigidly hierarchical structure.

When choosing a lucky date, Zeri Xue engages knowledge from many branches of Chinese metaphysics, including Feng Shui, astronomy, the classical Chinese calendar and Bazi technique of fate analysis. Traditionally, Zeri Xue is used when choosing dates for a wedding, making a deal, medical procedures, opening of a new company, moving in a house, installation Feng Shui “correction” tools and many other things we want to bring good luck to. Currently, the Zeri Xue technique has become a separate form of traditional art. In Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, there are masters who deal exclusively with date selection.

About Bazi – the Chinese technique of fate analysis:

The Bazi (八字) technique - “Calculation of fate by eight hieroglyphs” is a traditional Chinese method of calculation of human Qi energy and its development over a life periods. In the modern world this technique is known as “Traditional Chinese Astrology”, and many also know its simplified version, called the “Chinese Horoscope of 12 Animals”, when character, compatibility and luck are determined only by the year of birth animal. This method of accounting for the year as the main point of reference for describing the fate of a person for thousands of years has been used in China, until a genius in name Zu Pin, who lived in the 10th century, improved it, giving it the form that is still used today. Since then the complete Bazi method takes into account the four components of the date of birth - year, month, day, and hour, where each is represented by a pair of Chinese characters, called “pillars”. Therefore, the Bazi method is also called the Four Pillars of Fate and is considered as one of the most accurate fortune-prediction systems in the world.

The Chinese Bazi system is based on rich heritage of classical Chinese philosophy: the Chinese calendar, I Ching (the Book of Changes), Tai Chi (universe), Yin and Yang (feminine and masculine), the principle of Five Elements, as well as meteorology and astronomy. Interpreting the eight characters, a specialist can accurately describe a person’s character, behaviour, family and social relationships, creativity, personality physical type, health, and much more. He can predict this person’s future achievements and potential failures.

The choice of dates is personal and general:

Choosing a good time to start an important event, we find such day and hour when there is the best combination of time energies, which brings a positive force of the moment into action. And still, the same calendar date has a different influence on different people. Therefore, the choice of auspicious dates can be general for everyone and individual. A day chosen only with regard to general characteristics will bring moderate good fortune to everyone, but for a complete success it is better to use a personal choice of dates based on personal data. General choice of date (Zeri Xue) is made on the basis of the interaction of the year, month, day and hour. The personal choice of the date adds to this the characteristics of the person’s Bazi horoscope, for which you need to calculate a personal chart by pressing the button: “Calculate your Chinese horoscope”. As a result, using two techniques together, we combine the person’s birth data and the current day or hour, creating harmony between the personality and the moment of time. Thus, calculating successful dates for ourselves personally, we exclude good days in general, but not suitable days specifically for us and vice versa, we can find additional days, perhaps not so good for everyone, but favourable for us directly. So, combining Bazi and Zeri Xue techniques, we find dates and hours that can bring good luck to this particular person in this particular question.

Features of the project:

The project “Chinese calendar of luck” is not the first Internet project dedicated to selection of favourable dates according to traditional Chinese methods. However, calendars presented in the Internet provide only descriptions of days or hours and the user is forced to browse day after day, reading the characteristics of the days and trying to choose the best one, which is very labour-intensive.

The Chinese calendar of luck is the first project that presents not only a calendar with description of day characteristics, but easily allows you to select a favourable date for the next month for a particular task. In the section “Choose a day that brings good luck” you can find a good day for many personal, family and inner life events, for study, business and work, for medical procedures, property transactions and money issues, for solving problems, travel, leisure and household chores. Just choose what you want to do and click: "Calculate".


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