Consent to the collecting and processing of personal data

I, as the Data Subject, by my own will and in my interest, consent to the processing, including the collection, systematization, accumulation, storage (clarification, update, change), use, blocking and destruction of my personal data. At the same time I declare that I am at least 16 years old and if not than I confirm that such consent has been expressed or given by the person who has the parental responsibility for me.

1. Controller

The Controller is the Individual Entrepreneur Sokolov A.B located at the address: St. Petersburg, Russia (the “Data Controller“).

2. Personal Data Processing

2.1. My personal data, which I voluntarily provide to the Controller, are the following: Name, Surname, Date and Time of Birth, Address, Email Address, Login Name.

2.2. I give my consent to the processing of the above personal data for the following purposes: a) The calculation and presenting of my personal good days using the Chinese Fortune Calendar. b) The calculation and presenting of my Ba-Zi Astrology Chart. c) The Controller’s marketing purposes relating to offers of products and services; sending information and other activities (e.g. in the form of sent newsletters, telemarketing); contacts for the purpose of market researches; contacts for the purpose of Christmas or Easter greetings or other holidays greetings and sending discount vouchers, gifts, etc. when the processing of personal data is necessary in order to fulfill these purposes.

2.3. The Controller shall process personal data which shall be adequate, relevant and limited to the extent necessary for the purpose of processing.

2.4. Besides the Controller, the above personal data shall be collected and processed also by the following subjects:

● Recipients of personal data: The Controller shall be entitled to transfer my personal data in particular to the following recipients and categories of recipients: the Controller’s suppliers, the Controller’s employees, transport services providers, state authorities within the scope of fulfilling the statutory obligations prescribed by relevant legal regulations; and other parties in other contractual relationships with the Controller.

2.5. The Controller shall be entitled to process the above personal data for a period of 10 years starting from the date of giving my consent. I acknowledge that prior to the expiration of this period the Controller may contact me with the purpose to renew my consent and that without such renewal my Personal Data shall be, after the expiration of the above period, deleted forever.

3. Data Subject’s Rights

3.1. I acknowledge that as the Data Subject I have the right to demand from the Controller the access to the correction and/or deletion of and as the case may any limitation of processing of as well as the right to object against the carried out processing of my Personal Data. As the Data Subject, I have the right to the portability of data relating to my person which I have provided to the Controller.

3.2. As the Data Subject, I can contact the Controller in relation to the processing of my personal data at the email address: [email protected]

3.3. If I, as the Data Subject, am of the opinion that my Personal Data are processed in contradiction with legal regulations, I have the right to request remedial action from the Controller. If my request is found reasonable, the Controller shall immediately remedy the defective status. This shall not prejudice my right, as the Data Subject, to file a complaint directly with the Office for Personal Data Protection.

3.4. I hereby give my consent to the processing of my personal data by the Controller for the purposes and for the period of time specified above. I acknowledge that the Controller shall archive this consent for the purpose of fulfilling the Controller’s statutory obligation to be able to demonstrate that my consent to the processing has been given.