14. The Wall Lunar Mansion


The Wall Lunar Mansion 壁 (Bi) is the fourteenth in the series of 28 constellations of Chinese astronomy. Since the constellations indicate places in the sky where the Moon “resides” every night, they are also called “28 Lunar Mansions” or “28 Lunar Houses”, in Chinese: 28 Xiu. The Wall is also the seventh lunar mansion in the Northern Palace of the Great Mansion of Black Turtle Xuan-wu.

The Wall Lunar Mansion includes 2 stars: Alpha Andromedae and Gamma Pegasus. General divinatory meaning: favorable. 

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Element of the Wall Lunar Mansion: Water. Day: Wednesday. Planet: Mercury. Animal: porcupine.

Bi-Wall (more precisely, Dun Bi, “the Eastern Wall”) used to form one mansion together with Shi, the Room. Bi is the patron of literature, high arts and virtue.

This is an auspicious day for many activities, one can achieve great prosperity and wealth. A good day for weddings, opening ceremonies, contract signings, funerals. It is favorable to expand your possessions, build and dig. Opening doors is fortunate for the whole family. Honoring your ancestors means wealth and recognition at the top. Children born from a marriage concluded on this day will achieve a lot and glorify their parents. On this day it is not recommended to travel to the south.

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“Wedding ceremonies, producing and constructing are fortunate. Going south is unlucky."

A person born under this lunar mansion gets sick a lot and has a short life. However, if the paths of their heart are straight, they have sincere love for people, they are also moderate in drink and food, then they will be able to prolong life. This part of the prediction should not be taken too seriously. To study the fate of a person born on a certain day, it is better to use the Four Pillars of Fate (Bazi) technique.